China preparing for increase in incidence of COVID

2022.12.23 00:35

China preparing for increase in incidence of COVID – China is expecting a top in Coronavirus contaminations in no less than seven days, a wellbeing official said, with specialists foreseeing additional burden on the country’s wellbeing framework even as they minimize the sickness’ seriousness and keep on revealing no new passings.

China began dismantling its “zero-COVID” regime of lockdowns and testing this month, becoming the last major nation to move toward living with the virus in the face of a growing outbreak and widespread protests.

The economy had slowed to its slowest growth rate in nearly half a century as a result of its containment measures, clogging global supply chains and trade. Before the economy recovers later this year, more disruptions are anticipated in the short term as the number of sick Chinese workers increases.

For the third consecutive day, China did not report any new COVID deaths and reported less than 4,000 new symptomatic local COVID cases nationwide on December 22. Numerous experts in the field of the disease have voiced their disapproval of the authorities’ decision to reduce the COVID death criteria.

China “is expected to reach the peak of infections within a week,” according to a quote from Zhang Wenhong, director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases, which was published on Thursday in The Paper, a newspaper supported by the Shanghai government.

He added, “The peak infection will also increase the rate of severe disease, which will have a certain impact on our entire medical resources,” and that the wave would continue for another one to two months.

“We must mentally prepare for the possibility of infection.”

Despite this, Zhang claimed that he had visited nursing homes in Shanghai and observed a low number of elderly people with severe symptoms.

Stresses over a shorter period of time effect of China’s Coronavirus wave pushed securities exchanges in China, Hong Kong and somewhere else in Asia lower. The yuan also lost value.

A “stark contrast” from official data, according to British-based health data firm Airfinity, China’s infection rate and death rate are likely to exceed a million per day.

Half of the 25 million people living in Shanghai’s commercial district, according to a hospital, will be infected by the end of the week. Over a million COVID deaths could occur in China next year, according to experts.

A fragile health system in China was unprepared for the abrupt change in policy. Hospitals were scrambling for beds and blood, pharmacies were running out of drugs, and authorities were rushing to build clinics.

Reuters spoke with more than a dozen global health experts, epidemiologists, residents, and political analysts who said that the strain on China’s medical infrastructure was caused by too much attention being paid to eliminating the virus and not vaccinating the elderly and communicating a plan of action to the public.

The campaign to immunize the elderly, which began three weeks ago, has not yet been successful. According to data provided by the government, while China’s overall vaccination rate is greater than 90%, the percentage of adults who have received booster shots drops to 57.9% for adults and to 42.3% for people aged 80 and older.

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According to these individuals, China spent a lot of money over the past three years on testing and quarantine facilities rather than building more hospitals and clinics or training medical staff.

Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious diseases physician at Rophi Clinic in Singapore, stated, “Despite them having… ample warning, there is an incredible lack of preparation for the virus coming.”

The National Health Commission of China did not respond to inquiries regarding the criticisms.

Nine domestically developed COVID vaccines have been approved for use in the nation; however, they are all deemed to be less effective than Western vaccines made with the new mRNA technology.

An embassy spokesperson told Reuters on Friday that the German embassy in Beijing has received a shipment of 11,500 BioNTech mRNA vaccines for German citizens living in China.

The spokesperson stated that the embassy anticipates handing out the first doses “as soon as possible.”

Since Beijing ended its zero-COVID policy, the World Health Organization has not received any information from China regarding new COVID hospitalizations. According to the WHO, data gaps may be caused by Chinese authorities’ inability to count cases.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated on Thursday that all nations, including China, must share information regarding their COVID experiences, despite growing concerns regarding Beijing’s statistics.

As Coronavirus seethes through China, occupants who recently confronted significant stretches of seclusion are currently figuring out how to live with the infection.

The new policy is welcomed by Chinese teacher Yang Zengdong, whose family is solitary in their downtown Shanghai apartment because of a mild COVID infection. They would all have been quarantined in a facility just a few weeks ago, and their building would have been locked down.

Yang stated, “When I think of this situation, my feeling is simply, wow, we are so lucky because now we can isolate at home.”

“We must face this wave because it is impossible to remain closed forever,”

China preparing for increase in incidence of COVID

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